GCSE Music Set Works (condensed info)

These are the condensed notes I made for my exams this year, it contains every area of study's analysis of the set pieces. HOWEVER, it does NOT contain the background to the composers/bands; it's purely the analysis of their pieces.

And I'm sorry the part for Rag Desh isn't as detailed as the others because I tried to find general characteristics for each version, but it's hard. So if you want my notes on this particular piece, just comment and I'll scan them in.

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`And the Glory of the Lord' from 1st mvt. From Symphony No.40 in Gm, by `Raindrop' Piano prelude no.15 in
Messiah oratorio, by Handel Mozart D flat major Op.28, by Chopin
Pitch Choir (SATB); range is wide, melody is Didn't follow structure of Classical orchestra;
made out of steps+leaps melody…

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Bflat-D-F); no trumpets or percussion AT ALL,
very different to classical orchestra.

`Peripetie' from Five Orchestral Pieces, by `Something's Coming' from West Side Story, by 3rd mvt. (fast) From Electric Counterpoint, by Steve
Schoenberg Leonard Bernstein Reich
Pitch Full pitch range of all the instruments Demands the singer to hit…

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Instruments 1 piccolo, 3 flutes, 3 oboes, 1 cor anglais in F, 1 5 woodwind players, 2 horns, 3 trumpets, 2 1 live guitar, 7 electric guitars, 2 bass guitars (during
clarinet in D, 3 clarinets in Bflat, 1 bass clarinet, trombones, 7 violins, 4 cellos, 2 double basses. Piano,…

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[a chord consisting of the root note and the perfect 5th], slide [playing
technique performed by sliding the finger from 1 note to another]), vocals
Studio Effects -- Added strings to raise the tension by adding to the texture (middle 8). Telephone EQ in v2: makes samples sound much thinner.…

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53-end C~G (alternating) (outro)

Melodic Melody is simple and repetitive; sung in Gaelic. Has vocables No melody; lead instrument (sitar) improvises on notes of the raga. Drum ostinato persists throughout the piece. Melodies are all based on
features (nonsense syllables) and traditions of waulking songs are Emphasis placed on the…


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