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Music: AOS 3 ­ Popular Music in Context

Dance Music

Club Dance Music fused together elements of previous styles of music:

Jamaican Dub ­ remixing, use of effects, toasting.
Funk ­ beats and instrumental breaks, short vocal phrases (instead of verses etc.)
Disco ­ four-on-the-floor and syncopated hi-hat, bass synths,…

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Britpop was a British musical movement formed in the Madchester scene (Manchester) in
the 1990's. It celebrated 60's and 70's music, taking inspiration and even including
references from the likes of The Who, The Kinks and especially The Beatles. Britpop bands
tried to build on the success of recent…

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Simple Structure ­ either "verse & chorus" or 32-bar AABA (B is a bridge)
Jazz Influences ­ syncopation and extended chords.
Word Painting ­ where the music mimics the literal meaning of the lyrics.


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