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Music: AOS 3 ­ Popular Music in Context
Dance Music
Club Dance Music fused together elements of previous styles of music:
Jamaican Dub ­ remixing, use of effects, toasting.
Funk ­ beats and instrumental breaks, short vocal phrases (instead of verses etc.)
Disco ­ four-on-the-floor and syncopated hi-hat, bass synths, club venues.
Hip-Hop ­ role of DJ, rhythmic paramount, scratching, sampling and mixing
and switching between tracks.
Although there are many sub-genres of dance music, there are four main genres:
House ­ four-on-the-floor beat, lots of repetition (piano riffs), drum machine
Techno ­ fast hard beat (130-150bpm), mechanical and electronic sounds,
synthesizer orientated.
Drum `n' Bass ­ very fast (170bpm), drum based with a strong bass line,
breakbeats, frantic synthesizers.
Garage ­ more emphasis on vocals.
There are many techniques which are used:
Panning ­ distributing audio between the left and right channels of a stereo
Hip-Hopping ­ switching between two identical tracks to extend an
instrumental section.
Looping ­ the use of a small repeated phrase to create longer phrases.
Mixing ­ the technique of joining two songs together without changing tempo.
Quantization ­ shift notes forward and backwards so that they are exactly on
the beat and sound robotic.
Scratching ­ turning the record forwards and backwards by hand to create a
scratching sound.
Sequencing ­ recording lots of tracks over each other.
Sampling ­ using snippets of other people's music in a new track.
Digital Effects ­ the use of the following:
The digital effects used in dance music are:
Chorus ­ a thickening effect which makes a sound seem fuller.
Compressor ­ make a track seem louder and fuller as it reduces range.
Delay ­ causes echo which can fill out a track.
Equaliser ­ boots or attenuates specific frequencies allowing the bass to be
boosted for example.
Reverb ­ creates different sounding environments e.g. water, church

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Simple Structure ­ either "verse & chorus" or 32-bar AABA (B is a bridge)
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