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Epitaph to Claudia

hospes, quod deico paullum est; asta ac pellege Stranger, what I say is little; stand near and read
it through
heic est sepulcram hau pulcram pulcrai feminae This is the not at all beautiful tomb of a beautiful
nomen parentes nominarunt Claudiam, Her parents gave her…

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nihil meo fratre lenius, nihil asperius tua sorore Nothing... milder than my brother, nothing
harsher than your sister.
mihi visum est; et multa similia praetereo. ...seemed to me...; and I am I am omitting many
similar things.

quis nunc te adibit? cui videberis bella? Who will approach you now? To…

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quem nunc amabis? cuius esse diceris? Whom will you love now? Whose will you be said
to be?
quem basiabis? cui labella mordebis? Whom will you kiss? Whose lips will you bite?
at tu, Catulle, destinatus obdura. But you, Catullus, obstinately hold fast.

Catullus Poem 70

nulli se dicit mulier…

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tempore difficiles veniunt ad aratra iuvenci, In time, difficult young oxen come to the plough,
tempore lenta pati frena docentur equi. In time, horses are taught to endure tough reins.
ferreus adsiduo consumitur anulus usu, An iron ring is worn away by constant use
interit adsidua vomer aduncus humo. The…

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quidem meos cantat formatque cithara, non Indeed she even sings my ... and sets them to
artifice music on the lyre. Not...artist
aliquo docente, sed amore, qui magister est ...with some... teaching her, but with love, which
optimus. is the best teacher.
his ex causis est mihi spes certissima, perpetuam…

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