GCSE Latin WJEC Poetry Split Translation

GCSE Latin WJEC Poetry Split Translation

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Epitaph to Claudia
hospes, quod deico paullum est; asta ac pellege Stranger, what I say is little; stand near and read
it through
heic est sepulcram hau pulcram pulcrai feminae This is the not at all beautiful tomb of a beautiful
nomen parentes nominarunt Claudiam, Her parents gave her the name Claudia
suom mareitum corde deilixit souo: She loved her husband with her heart:
gnatos duos creavit: horum alterum She gave birth to two sons; one of these
in terra linquit, alium sub terra locat. She leaves on the earth, the other one she
placed under the earth
sermone lepido, tum autem incessu commodo, With charming conversation, and then indeed a
fine way of walking,
domum servavit. lanam fecit. dixi. Abei. She looked after the house. She made wool. I
have spoken. Go on your way
Letter to His friend Atticus
nihil vidi tam mite, nihil tam placidum quam I have seen nothing so mild, nothing so gentle as
meus frater illo die erat in sororem tuam. si My brother was on that day towards your sister.
fuerat offensio ex ratione sumptus, non There had been any resentment as a result of
the calculation of her expenditure, it was not
apparuit. postridie Arpino profecti sumus et Apparent. The next day, we set off from
Arpinum and
prandimus in Arcano. humanissime Quintus had lunch in Arcanum. Quintus...very politely
'Pomponia' inquit 'tu invita mulieres, ego viros ...said... `Pomponia, you invite the women, I...the
arcessam.' nihil potuit dulcius, non modo verbis ...shall summon... .' He could have said nothing
sweeter, not only in his words
sed etiam animo ac vultu. at illa, audientibus but also in his spirit and expression. But
she...were listening
nobis, 'ego ipsa sum' inquit 'hic hospita' ­ id ex ...whilst we... said `I myself am a guest here.' (She
said) it for
hac causa, ut opinor, quod antecesserat Statius This reason, as I think, because Statius had gone
ut ahead in order to
prandium nobis curaret! tum Quintus 'en' inquit Take care of lunch for us! Then Quintus said...
mihi `haec ego patior cotidie.' hac re ego ipse ...to me... `I endure these things everyday' I
myself...... by this event
magnopere motus sum; sic illa absurde et aspere ...was greatly bothered...; she...so harshly and so
verbis vultuque responderat. itaque discubuimus ...had replied.... in her words and expression. And
so we... reclined at table
omnes praeter illam. Quintus ei aliquid de ...all... apart from her. Quintus... her something
mensa misit, quod tamen illa reiecit. quid multa? ...sent... the table which she however rejected.
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Nothing... milder than my brother, nothing
harsher than your sister.
mihi visum est; et multa similia praetereo. ...seemed to me...; and I am I am omitting many
similar things.…read more

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Whom will you love now? Whose will you be said
to be?
quem basiabis? cui labella mordebis? Whom will you kiss? Whose lips will you bite?
at tu, Catulle, destinatus obdura. But you, Catullus, obstinately hold fast.
Catullus Poem 70
nulli se dicit mulier mea nubere malle My woman says that she prefers to marry
quam mihi, non si se Iuppiter ipse petat. Rather than me, not even if Jupiter himself was
to pursue her.…read more

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In time, difficult young oxen come to the plough,
tempore lenta pati frena docentur equi. In time, horses are taught to endure tough reins.
ferreus adsiduo consumitur anulus usu, An iron ring is worn away by constant use
interit adsidua vomer aduncus humo. The hooked ploughshare is ruined by the
relentless ground.
quid magis est saxo durum, quid mollius unda? What is harder than rock? What is softer than
dura tamen molli saxa cavantur aqua.…read more

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Indeed she even sings my ... and sets them to
artifice music on the lyre. Not...artist
aliquo docente, sed amore, qui magister est ...with some... teaching her, but with love, which
optimus. is the best teacher.
his ex causis est mihi spes certissima, perpetuam For these reasons, I have a very certain hope
nobis that our...everalasting
concordiam maioremque in dies futuram esse. ...harmony will be... and greater in the future.…read more

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