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Aeneid II
By Vergil…read more

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Lines 268 - 280
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prima and incipit aegris
emphasises the welcoming Sound Effects introduces
nature of sleep ­ beginning mimicking sleep note of
of sleep ­ regularity of `s' foreboding
Tempus erat quo prima quies mortalibus aegris
= Pleonasm
Alliteration of Connected to
`d' shows the serpent ­
generosity of incipit et dono divum gratissima serpit.
reminds us of
the gods the twin
in somnis, ecce,
break in ante
passage, oculos maestissimus
emphasises reality serpents, also a
somnis gives the
gift from the
passage a dream- Continues emphasis ­ since his eyes
Hector gods, which
like quality are actually closed when asleep killed Laocoon
Violent verb ­
Reinforces maestissimus maestissimus ­
placed at the visus adesse mihi largosque effundere fletus,
beginning to
Juxtaposition of
evoke pathos
Refers to when raptatus bigis ut quondam, aterque cruento
maestimmus and
Hector ­
Achilles dragged
emphasises the
him behind his Allit.
of `p' perque pedes ­
­ plosive sounds traiectus
emphasiseslora tumentes.
violence seriousness
Violent + negative terms creates sympathy because one of the
Very gruesome description greatest warriors
has been reduced
Hector at the end for suspense ­ we want to to tears
know the identity of the ghost…read more

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Hector's appearance was so terrible This word
that it evokes an emotional verbal emphasises how
response from Aeneus different Hector was
ei mihi, qualis erat, quantum mutatus ab illo ­ to such an extent
The two great that he could be
enemies on Hectore qui redit exuvias indutus Achilli, considered a
either side of the different person
line to emphasise puppibus ­ a
the extent of
vel Danaum
Juxtaposition ofPhrygios iaculatus
the two enemies puppibus
emphasises ignes; synecdoche ­ the
their rivalry
their rivalry ­ stern refers to
strong contrast the ship
squalentem barbam et concretos sanguine crines
Tricolon Harsh allit. of
Crescens ­ his `c'
vulneraque illa gerens, quae circum plurima
appearance gets
increasingly muros
worse Reminds us it's a dream
accepit patrios. ultro flens ipse videbar
Refers back to Hector's maestissmus state
compellare virum et meastas expromere voces:
Two of Hector's greatest achievements
This positive flashback is encapsulated with the gruesome
description of Hector's ghost which further increases our
sympathy…read more

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Line 298 ­ 317
Section 2…read more

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diverso luctu ­ (with grief on every
side) ­ these words envelope the
line just as the grief envelopes the
et...atque ­ the
word for `and' gets diverso interea miscentur
grief luctu,
bigger just as the Assonance of `a'
`grief' increases et magis atque magis, quamquam secreta parentis
magis...magis ­
repetition emphatically
Anchisae placed
domus arboribusque obtecta recessit
Their emotions are
clarescunt...horror domus has been placed behind emphasised by
­ the crescendo clarescunt sonitus armorumque ingruit horror.
arboribus placing horror at
sound in the end
clarescunt links to excutior somno et summi fastigia tecti
et magis atque Repetition of
Connects the horrifying dream to the on-going actions unusual word order
magis and it is ascensu supero atque arrectis auribus asto:
emphatically (verb then noun)
placed at the start
Allit. and the two elisions reflect the excitement
and tension in the passage.
The elision increases the pace of this line ­
mirrors Aeneus climbing up
ascensu supero ­ pleonasm…read more

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