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Nisus et Euryalus Lines 2846

Immediately they marched out in armour the whole band of leaders both young and
Protinus incedunt armali omnis manus primorum iuventum que
old men accompanied them as they went to the gates, with their good wishes. And
senumque prosequiter quos euntes ad portas votis. nec…

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o "Prosequitur votis" means accompanying them with good wishes. However is also
the term used for accompanying someone to a funeral. It is foreshadowing what is
going to happen.

o "ante annos animum" the alliteration emphasizes Iulus' youth.

o "Prosequiter, discereunt and donat" are all present historics.

o "aurae discerpunt"…

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killing some one who is deeply asleep (somnum) is slightly unnecessary and shows
that Nisus is becoming distracted from the real purpose of the trip.


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