GCSE Latin: Nisus et Euryalus lines 28-46

My translation with the corresponding latin words underneath in red, plus my notes on the section.

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Nisus et Euryalus Lines 2846
Immediately they marched out in armour the whole band of leaders both young and
Protinus incedunt armali omnis manus primorum iuventum que
old men accompanied them as they went to the gates, with their good wishes. And
senumque prosequiter quos euntes ad portas votis. nec
also handsome Iulus displaying both the spirit and the responsibility of a man beyond
non et pulchur Iulus gerens animumque curamque virilem arite
his years, gave them many orders to be taken to his father but the breezes scattered f
annos, debate multa mandata protanda patri sed aurae discerpunt
them all and gave them as a useless gift to the clouds.
donat irrita donat nubibus.
Having gone out they climbed over the ditches and through the shadows of the night,
Egressi superant fossas per ubram noctisque
they made for the enemy camp however they were destined to kill too many enemy
petunt inimica castra tamen futuri exilio multa
before then. The saw bodies everywhere sprawled over the grass in drunken sleep and
ante. Vident corpora passim fusa per herbam vinoque sumno
chariots tipped over on the shore, and men among the reigns and the wheels lying
currus arrectos litore, viros lora ­que rotas iacere
together with both their weapons and wine cups. Nisus, son of Hyrtacus spoke first
simul arma simul vina. Hyrtacides locutus prior
with these words.
Sic ora.
"Euryalus we must be daring with our right hands. Now the opportunity itself invites
Euryale, audendum dextra Nunc res ispsa vocat
us, our journey is in this direction. You need to be on guard and look out all around,
iter est hac. tu custodi et consule longe
so that no enemy band can mount and attack us from the rear. I will devastate this
qua ne manus posit se attollere nobis a tergo. Dabo vasta
area and lead you along a wide path" He spoke in this way and checked his words at
haec et ducam te lato limite.Memorat sic ­que permit vocem
once attacked proud Rhamnes with his sword who by chance propped up on
simul aggreditur superbum Rhamnetem ense qui forte extructus
deep cushions was snoring whole heartedly in his sleep.
atis tapetibus proftabent pectere somnum.
o The fact that they are immediately "Protinus" allowed to go shows the desperation
of the situation. The word "incedunt" is a present historic making the action more
immediate and vivid to the reader.
o All "omnis" the men approve, senumque et iuvenemque and the leader "primorum"

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Prosequitur votis" means accompanying them with good wishes. However is also
the term used for accompanying someone to a funeral. It is foreshadowing what is
going to happen.
o "ante annos animum" the alliteration emphasizes Iulus' youth.
o "Prosequiter, discereunt and donat" are all present historics.
o "aurae discerpunt" the couple are too eager and do not listen properly to Aeneas'
instructions. This makes the reader think that trouble could be ahead.
o The word inimica means enemy or hostile.…read more

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Nisus is becoming distracted from the real purpose of the trip.…read more


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