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Advice to a Rejected Lover
If she will not accept your letter and sends it back unread,
Hope that she will read it and hold onto your purpose.
In time, difficult young oxen come to the plough,
In time, horses are taught to endure tough reins.
An iron ring is worn away by constant use,
The hooked ploughshare is ruined by relentless ground.
What is harder that stone, what is softer than water?
However, hard rocks are hollowed out by soft water.
Just stand firm, you will win Penelope herself in time:
You see that Troy was captured late, but it was captured nonetheless.
si non accipiet scriptum inlectumque remittet,
lecturam spera propositumque tene.
tempore difficiles veniunt ad aratra iuvenci,
tempore lenta pati frena docentur equi.
ferreus adsiduo consumitur anulus usu, 5
interit adsidua vomer aduncus humo.
quid magis est saxo durum, quid mollius unda?
dura tamen molli saxa cavantur aqua.
Penelopen ipsam, persta modo, tempore vinces:
capta vides sero Pergama, capta tamen. 10


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