GCSE History: The Nazi Party - After the ban

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The Nazi party ­ After the Ban
The Nazi part was banned after the Munich Putsch, but in February 1925 the ban was lifted and Hitler
relaunched the party. It was totally organised to win seats in the Reichstag.
Party Organisation
Hitler reorganised the party to make it more efficient and to ensure it was prepared to fight future
elections. He created a national headquarters in Munich and insisted on the central control of finance
and membership. Branches were set up all over Germany.
The Nazis used posters skilfully. They also used a Nazi newspaper and meetings to put across their
ideas. The Nazis were the only party to run evening classes to train their members in public speaking
The SA
This was strengthened with younger men encouraged to join. The image of the organisation had
changed, placing the emphasis on discipline and order rather than violence and intimidation.
Agricultural Areas
From 1928, the Nazis focused on winning support in agricultural areas. This was because of the
depression, which had affected farming throughout the 1920s and worsened in 1927 with a further
slump in food prices


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