GCSE History: Medicine through time revision

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Industrial Revolution
1842 Edwin Chadwick published a report on the social
conditions of the working classes
1848 First Public Health Act ­ only compulsory in towns
with high death rate, councils were allowed to collect
taxes to improve Public Health, councils encouraged to
make improvements. Non-compulsory
John Snow published a book in 1849 saying cholera spread
through water
In 1854, John Snow published a report `On the Mode of
Communication of Cholera' and had the handle taken off
the Broad Street pump
1865 Joseph Bazalgette's sewage system was introduced,
the same one used today
1867 Working men in towns were given the right to vote
1884 Working men in the countryside given the right to
Twentieth Century
1941 Seehohm Rowntree published a report showing a
50% reduction in poverty since 1901
1906 ­ 1914 the new liberal government brought changes
including free school meals for those most in need,
medical checks for school children, and old age pensions
1911 National Insurance Act, employers, employees and
government paid into sick fund and if employee fell ill he
received money. Excluded most women, children, the
elderly and those with long-term illnesses
1942 NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE. Free at the point of
contact and paid for by taxes. Included hospitals, doctors,
dentists, medicines, vaccinations, nurses, child welfare and
medical training and research


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