GCSE History Liberal Reforms Flash Cards

A brief description of each of the Liberal Reforms, who they helped, why they were good and why they were not so good.

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School Meals Act 1906
Acts to help School Medical Inspections 1907
children Children's Charter/Children and
Young Persons' Act 1908
Old Age Pensions Act
Acts to help the old 1908
Labour Exchanges Act 1909
Acts to help the Trade Boards Act 1909
Workers The National Insurance Act Parts
1 and 2 1911
Allowed LEAs to provide free school
meals paid for by council tax.
School Meals Act + By 1914 over 150,000 children got one
1906 hot meal a day
- Councils did not have to provide the
+ Children got free mandatory
School Medical medical checks.
Inspections 1907 - Medical treatment was not free
until 1912

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Children could not buy cigarettes, enter pubs or
Children's beg. It became illegal to insure a child's life,
special courts and borstals set up.
Charter/Children and + Children became protected persons,
Young Persons' Act neglectful or abusive parents could be
1908 - Measures difficult to enforce.
All people aged 70+ got 5s/week or 7s
6d for a couple, funded by taxes.
Old Age Pensions + Took away threat of the workhouse
Act 1908 and dependence on family.…read more

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Funded by worker, employer and government
The National contributions.
+ Unemployed workers earned 7s 6d per week
Insurance Act (Part for 15 weeks.
2) 1911 - Most families couldn't survive on 7s 6d.
Income tax increased to 6d in the pound.
The People's Budget Super tax of 1s 2d in the pound on
incomes over £3000 per year.
1909 Inheritance tax went up.
Tax on spirits and tobacco went up.…read more


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