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America Notes

The US Economy 1919-29

Background to America...

America after WWI
During WWI, America loaned lots of money to Britain and France. This would be paid
back with interest, so America had more money.
Britain owed $4,277 million and France owed $3,405 million
America also picked up extra business…

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Meant goods could be made cheaply and quickly in large quantities.
Henry ford was the pioneer of mass production and used it in car production.
Once the effectiveness had been shown, other companies began to use the method.
Industries such as rubber, plastic, glass and steel boomed as a result…

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More employment was also generated

Advertising and Marketing
Was first used for propaganda during the war, but could now be used to advertise
Advertisers set up agencies to sell products
It simulated other industries and became an industry within itself

Credit and Hire purchase
A `buy now, pay later'…

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During the war, demand had increased as America was now supplying food for large parts to
Europe. As a result of this, famers took out large loans to buy more land and new machinery so
they could cope with the demand. After the war, Europe began to recover and…

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One of the most popular leisure activities in the 1920s was going to the cinema. In Hollywood a
major film industry was developing. Film stars were paid huge amounts and people soon
wanted homes, cars and clothes like they had (American state of mind). Before 1927, all movies
made were…

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capable, a federal law was passed, giving women the right to vote. This made women more
equal to men and more women worked than ever before. Although women had the vote,
women were still seen as `unelectable' and were not part of political parties or groups, mainly
because men didn't…

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Speakeasies: These were illegal secret drinking bars where people went to drink
alcohol. They were called speakeasies as people had to talk quietly in order to not be
Bootleggers: People who imported and transported illegal alcohol. Was usually sent
over from abroad or countries such as Mexico. This was…

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The Law: As many people wanted to drink, many people broke the law. This meant people
disrespected the law a lot more as they could see how easy it was to break (in this
circumstance). This new found disrespect for the law meant more people were willing to drink,

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violence or they would lose their job if they did register. Some examples of how white people
expected black people to behave include:
Get the worst education
Cook the food but eat on the steps
Stay segregated
Live in the worst houses
Don't look me in the face
Be harassed…

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away with in the South. Hundreds gathered around to watch and take part, even children. It was
one of the most shameful aspects of the USA at this time.

WASPS: Stands for White Anglo Saxon Protestants. This is how the Ku Klux Klan
wanted to keep America, so essentially it…


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