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Core Science Unit 2
Go to B2
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Go to P2…read more

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B2 - Keeping Healthy…read more

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viruses bacteria fungi
m i c r o o r g a n i s m s
cold flu
Warmth and moisture are good
conditions for microorganisms to grow.
Symptoms of disease are caused
by damage to cells and by toxins.
Antibiotics are only effective against bacteria or fungi.…read more

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foreign cell
The antibodies
help to kill the
with antigen foreign cell
White blood cells
recognise it as a
foreign cell and
make antibodies
Memory cells "remember" how to make these
antibodies so if you are infected again your immune
system can make the right antibodies quickly ­ you
become immune to that particular form of microbe.…read more

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What is a vaccine ?
a vaccine is a dead or weakened form of bacteria or virus.
When administered the vaccine causes an immune
response and eventually antibodies are produced.
You are now immune to that particular microbe so if
you get infected with a real version you won't get ill.…read more

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Why is it important for at least 95% of people in a
society to take a vaccine against a a particularly harmful
virus or bacteria ?
> to eradicate the virus or bacteria
Why do vaccines against influenza have to be developed
regularly ?
> because the virus changes very quickly
Over a period of time, bacteria and fungi may become
resistant to antibiotics.
How can we reduce antibiotic resistance ?
> we should only use antibiotics when necessary
and always complete the course…read more

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lisa linsdell


An excellent resource covering different aspects of the three disciplines,  with option of choosing foundation or Higher questions. 



am confused is this not p1

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