GCSE Geogrpahy - Tourism in extreme environments Case Study

Unit 2 tourism case study - Antarctic

notes taken from CGP GCSE Geography AQA A Specification

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Tourism in Extreme Environments ­ Case Study
Antarctica is a continent at the Earths South Pole.
98% is covered with ice
There were 7413 in 1996/1997 and 46 000 in 2007/2008
Environmental impacts in Antarctica
Tourists can trample plants, disturb wildlife and drop litter
Tourists could introduce diseases that could wipe out existing species
Spillage of fuel from ships cam kill fish and birds which feed on them
Measures in place to protect Antarctica
1. The Antarctica Treaty is an international agreement designed to protect and conserve the
area and its plant and animal life.
2. The International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators also has a separate code of
conduct. It is voluntary. There are rules on:
Specially protected areas ­ off limits to tourists
Wildlife ­ not to be disturbed
Litter ­ nothing can be left by tourists and no smoking during shore landings
Supervision ­ each group must have qualified guides
Plant life ­ tourists must not walk on the fragile plant life
Waste ­ swage must be treated biologically and other waste stored on board the ships


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