GCSE Geography - Watery World Exam Questions

An excellent resource bank for practice exam questions for the 2009 onwards Edexcel GCSE syllabus for Geography. Focusing on Unit 2 topic 'A Watery World.'

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A Watery World ­ Exam Style Questions
1. Describe the relationship between domestic water consumption and a
country's wealth using the graph given. [4 marks]
2. Describe the relationship between agricultural water consumption and a
country's wealth using the graph given. [4 marks]
3. Describe the relationship between industrial water consumption and a
country's wealth using the graph given. [4 marks]
4. Why does wealth affect consumption? [3 marks]
5. Using figure 6a and your knowledge, describe the global pattern of water
consumption. [3 marks]
6. Explain why water consumption is so high in HICs, such as those in North
America. [4 marks]
7. Study the resources. Photograph J shows people washing clothes in a
river. Identify two other domestic uses of water. [2 marks]
8. Study the resources. Photograph K shows an irrigation system in a field.
Give two reasons why such systems are unusual in LICs. [2 marks]
9. Describe the location of naturally occurring aquifers around the world,
using the graph. [3 marks]
10. For either reservoirs or aquifers, describe and explain one advantage
and one disadvantage for each. [4 marks]

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Outline the relationship between water deficit and rainfall globally. Refer to
the map. [4 marks]
12. Using the graph, describe how seasonal variations in rainfall affect water
supply in the Spanish Costas. [4 marks]
13. Describe the pattern of access to safe water shown in the map below. [4
14. Describe two problems associated with the supply of water in HICs. [4
15. Explain how drinking water can be polluted referring to examples in your
answer. [4 marks]
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Is there a marking scheme we can refer to?

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