GCSE Geography: UK tourism (The Lake District)

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32 million visitors to the UK in 2008.
In 2007, tourism contributed £114 billion to the economy and employed 1.4 million people. Popular
due to it's:
Countryside and historic landmarks (e.g. Big Ben and Stonehenge)
Churches and Cathedrals (e.g. Saint Paul's cathedral)
Castles and palaces ( Edinburgh Castle and Buckingham castle)
London- museums, theatres and shopping. Destination for half of all visitors to the UK.
National park in Cumbria.
Attracts around 12 million visitors a year.
Popular because:
Scenery - large lakes (Windermere) and mountains (Scafell Pike)
Activities ­ bird watching, walking, climbing, sailing.
Cultural attractions ­ Beatrix potter and Wordsworth museum.
Problems Increasing
traffic ­ 89% visitors come by car which creates congestion and parking and pollution problems.
Solution ­ planning public transport (park and ride schemes) campaigns providing benefits to people
who use public transport e.g. `Give the driver a break' campaign. Footpath erosion.
Solution ­ Changing path routes so that more vulnerable areas can `rest'. Reinforcing and repairing
path surfaces. Litter ­ creating visual pollution and
disrupting natural habitats. Solution ­ Bins at key points and are empties regularly, there are
designated picnic areas and signs which encourage people to act responsibly.
Second/ Holiday homes ­ Holiday makers do not always support local businesses and creates less
affordable housing for locals. Solution ­ local councils build new affordable housing.
Honeypot conflicts ­ destinations that attract huge amounts of visitors e.g. Windermere become
areas of noise pollution and crime. Solution ­ pay to get into affected areas. Farmer/
tourist conflicts ­ Visitors can trample crop, disturb livestock and leave gates open. Solution- Signs
educating people of the country code. Some farmers have diversified to take advantage of the
tourists e.g. paintballing (farm diversification) Managing the Lakes ­
Wash from fast vehicles erode the shore. Fuel spills create pollution. Solution- Introduce speed limits
on the lakes and zone off certain areas.


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