GCSE Geography - UK Tourism Case Study - Lake District

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UK Tourism ­ Case Study
The Lake District National Park in Cumbria
15 million visitors a year
Reasons why it is so popular:
Scenery (large lakes and mountains)
Many activities (walking, boat rides, rock-climbing)
Cultural attractions (Beatrix Potter)
Strategies are needed to cope with the impact of tourists
Coping with traffic ­ public transport in the area is being improved s people can leave their cars at
Coping with the erosion of footpaths ­ encouraging visitors to use less vulnerable areas instead,
`resting' popular routs by changing the line of the paths and using more hard-wearing materials
Protecting wildlife and farmland ­ there are signs to remind visitors to take their litter home and
covered bins are provided at the most popular sites
Plans to make sure it keeps attracting tourists
Official tourism strategy for Cumbria is to attract an extra 2m visitors by 2018
Public transport will be improve
Farms will be encouraged to provide services like quad biking, clay pigeon shootings and
Timeshare developments are to be increased
Encourage tourism outside the national park to revise some of the pressure on the main
tourist areas


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