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A global increase in tourism over the last 60 years


1. More disposable income
2. More paid holidays
3. More free time
4. Travel has become cheaper
5. Holiday providers

Some areas are becoming more popular than others because:

1. Improvements in transport
2. Countries in unusual tourist…

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In= Involvement
Devon= Development
Can= Consolidation
Sing = Stagnation
Dance or= Decline or
Rap= Rejuvenation

Exploration Involvement Development Consolidation Stagnation Rejuvenation/De

Small numbers of Local people More and more Tourism is sill Visitor Rejuvenate ­ mo
visitors are start providing visitors come as a big part of numbers visitors…

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tourists have less attractive.
had a Facilities shut do
negative become rundow
impact on

Blackpool 1781 Thomas Promenade was Lots of Blackpool In2003a rejuve
Clifton and Sir built along the sea attractions Zoo opened project started:
Henry front. were built in in 1972. In 26,700 new jobs

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Mass Tourism

Mass tourism is organised tourism for large numbers of people e.g. visiting Spain
on a package holiday would count as mass tourism

Mass tourism has both positive and negative impacts

Positive Impact Negative Impact

Economic Brings money into A lot of profit make
local economy from tourism is…

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Destruction of
natural habitats e.g.
sightseeing boats can
damage coral reefs

Ways to reduce negative impacts:
Improve public transport (reduces congestion and pollution)
Limiting number of people visiting sensitive environments (reduces damage)
Providing lots of bins helps to reduce litter

Build new facilities
Reduce any tourist impacts that make…

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Ecotourism is tourism that does not harm the environment and benefits the local

Ecotourism involves:

Conservation ­ protecting and managing the environment

Stewardship ­ taking responsibility for conserving the environment

Benefits of Ecotourism

Environmental Economic Local People
Encouraged to Creates jobs for Better more stable
conserve the local…

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The profits of ecotourism can be used to build schools or healthcare facilities.

The development is sustainable because it is done without damaging the environment


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