GCSE Geography - Tourism revision notes

heyy these are my tourism revision notes :) this is everything u need to unit 2 aqa geo.

notes taken from CGP GCSE Geography AQA A Specification

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A global increase in tourism over the last 60 years
1. More disposable income
2. More paid holidays
3. More free time
4. Travel has become cheaper
5. Holiday providers
Some areas are becoming more popular than others because:
1. Improvements in transport
2. Countries in unusual tourist destinations have got better at marketing themselves
3. Many countries have invested in infrastructure of tourism ­ more attractive
Cities, mountains and coasts are all popular tourist destinations
Cites ­ culture, entertainment, shopping (Paris, New work, London, Rome)
Mountains ­ scenery, skiing walking (the Alps, the Dolomites)
Coasts ­ beaches, swimming, snorkelling, fishing (Spain, the Caribbean, Thailand)
Tourism creates jobs for local people.
Increases the income of other businesses
Helps economy to grow
Poor countries tend to become more dependant
UK tourism
32m overseas visitors in Britain in 2008
Popular because of its countryside, historical landmarks, churches and cathedrals,
and its castles and palaces
London is popular for its museums
In 2007, tourism contributed £144b to the economy and employed 1.4m people
Factors affecting number of tourists in the UK
1. Weather ­ bad weather discourages tourists
2. World economy ­ times of recession people tend to cut back on luxuries
3. Exchange rate ­ the value of the pound
4. Terrorism and conflict ­ less willing to visit affected areas. London bombings on 7th
July 2005 (tourism fell)
5. Major events ­ royal wedding encourages tourists.
The Butler Model (The resort life cycle model)

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In= Involvement
Devon= Development
Can= Consolidation
Sing = Stagnation
Dance or= Decline or
Rap= Rejuvenation
Exploration Involvement Development Consolidation Stagnation Rejuvenation/De
Small numbers of Local people More and more Tourism is sill Visitor Rejuvenate ­ mo
visitors are start providing visitors come as a big part of numbers visitors will com
attracted to the facilities for more facilities are the local have they are attracted
area. tourists built economy but peaked.…read more

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Facilities shut do
negative become rundow
impact on
Blackpool 1781 Thomas Promenade was Lots of Blackpool In2003a rejuve
Clifton and Sir built along the sea attractions Zoo opened project started:
Henry front. were built in in 1972. In 26,700 new jobs
Houghton built 1863 was when 1872 in the 1975 the created
1st private road the North Pier Raikes Hall M55 opened 2.2bn of capital
into Blackpool opened which led Pleasure between the invested
to development Gardens.…read more

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Mass Tourism
Mass tourism is organised tourism for large numbers of people e.g.…read more

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Destruction of
natural habitats e.g.…read more

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Ecotourism is tourism that does not harm the environment and benefits the local
Ecotourism involves:
Conservation ­ protecting and managing the environment
Stewardship ­ taking responsibility for conserving the environment
Benefits of Ecotourism
Environmental Economic Local People
Encouraged to Creates jobs for Better more stable
conserve the local people incomes
environment Local people can Many ecotourism
Reduces poaching make money by schemes fund
and hunting of selling local crafts to community projects
endangered species visitors or supplying e.g.…read more

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The profits of ecotourism can be used to build schools or healthcare facilities.…read more


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