GCSE Geography: The Coastal Zone WORD FORMAT

The same as my other Coastal Zone document, but this is in Word format. My publisher one has a better layout so use that one if you have the software :) These are A* notes so hope they're useful! Please rate and comment :P

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The Coastal Zone

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Causes Effects Responses
In Autumn, cyclones are People bitten by Land drained before
common in Bangladesh poisonous snakes monsoon season
Very flat country with low-lying People and River divided into
coastline livestock drowned sections
Heavy rainfall in monsoon Houses destroyed, People evacuated to
season homelessness cyclone shelters
Trees in Himalayas cut down Rice crops ruined, Village officials listen to
so no water absorbed: river soil infertile radio and go around
water levels rose village warning people of
Lots of people living in flood Bridges…read more

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