GCSE Geography: Rivers Revision Cards

Hello all geographers! For the Geography exam (for the current yr 11s) on Monday 14th June 2010 (and the second one on the 17th too) I happily present to you some revision cards on Rivers! I have more on the others (except Tourism, Managing Resources and Industry's being done now) which I'll put up for you to help you revise. I wish you guys luck and hope you get brilliant marks (I hope I do too :P).

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GCSE Geography Revision
Rivers…read more

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Rivers: 1
WHY DOES IT RAIN?…read more

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Rivers: 2
·Drainage Basin; area of land where water from rainfall, or melted
snow from mountains, drains downhill into a body of water (like a
river, stream, lake or the ocean)
·Acts a funnel,
water drains
down from
around the
drainage basin
into it and can
cause floods…read more

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Rivers: 3
·A river is a natural flow of
water across the land to the
sea. The river drains water
off the land and
concentrating it in a channel
·Water moves downhill,
increases the amount of
kinetic energy, volume is
able to dislodge stones and
rocks, erode soil and rocks
and even uproot trees…read more

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Rivers: 4
·ATTRITION; material is moved along the bed of a river, collides with
other material, and breaks up into smaller pieces
·ABRASION; fine material rubs against the river bank, the bank is
worn away, by a sand-papering action called ABRASION, and
·CORROSION; some rocks forming the banks and bed of a river are
dissolved by acids in the water
·HYDRAULIC ACTION; sheer force of water hitting the banks of the
river causes it to come apart and erode…read more

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Rivers: 5
TRACTION; large rocks and boulders are rolled along the bed of the
SALTATION; smaller stones are bounced along the bed of a river in a
leap-frog motion
SUSPENSION; fine material, light enough in weight to be carried by
the river, this is the material that discolours the water (makes it look
murky brown)
SOULTION; dissolved material is transported by the river…read more

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