GCSE Geography - Restless Earth Formations

heyy, this document includes formations of fold mountains and volanoes, different types of volcanoes, and supervolcanoes :) hope this helps x

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Formations ­ GCSE Geography
Fold Mountains ­ Formation
Formed when plates collide at destructive margins (continental
plate and oceanic plate ­ the Andes in South America)
1. When plates collide, sedimentary rock between the plates fold and
are forced upwards
Also formed where 2 continental plates collide (Himalayas in Asia)
Formed at destructive and constructive plate margins
1. Oceanic plate gets destroyed
2. Pool of magma forms
3. Magma rises through cracks in the crust (vents)
4. Magma erupts onto surface (lava) forming a volcano
Constructive margins ­
magma rises up into the
gap created by the
plates moving apart,
forming a volcano

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Different types of volcano
Composite Shield Dome
Ash + Lava Only Lava Only Lava
Lava is thick Lava is runny Lava is thick
Lava hardens Flows quickly Lava hardens
quickly (Steep sided) Low, flat volcano quickly (Steed
Super Volcanoes (Yellowstone National Park)
1. Magma rises through cracks
2. Forms large magma basin
3. Pressure builds, forms a bulge
4. Bulge eventually cracks
5. Lava escapes through vents and erupts causing earthquakes
6. Magma basin empties, bulge is no longer supported
7.…read more


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