GCSE Geography - Restless Earth Case Studies

Heyy everyone, these are the case studies for the testless earth unit for paper 1 physical geog. on monday :) It includes, volcanoes, foldmountines, earthquakes (rich and poor) and a tsunami case study. Please comment and rate :) thanksss x

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Fold Mountains Volcanic Eruption Earthquakes Rich Earthquakes Poor Tsunamis
The Alps ­ Central Europe Montserrat ­ June 25th 1977 L'Aquila, Italy ­ 6th April Kashmir Pakistan Indian Ocean 2004
09 8th October 05 Earthquake caused it ­ 9.1
Richter Scale
African + European Plates Atlantic + Caribbean Plate Destructive ­ 6.3 Richter Destructive ­ 7.6 Richter Destructive ­ West Coast of
Scale Scale Indonesia
Uses Primary Impacts Primary Effects Primary effects Effects
19 died, 7 Injured 260 deaths 20 000 deaths 230 000 killed
Farming ­ Terraced to plant 20 Villages destroyed Hundreds injured 3m homeless Towns villages
vineyards 2/3 of homes destroyed Buildings damaged Villages + buildings destroyed
Secondary impacts Secondary Effects destroyed Infrastructure severely
HEP ­ Electricity used to power Fires destroyed buildings Aftershocks Secondary effects damaged
homes and businesses Tourists stayed away Fires, more damage Landslides buried 56m needed emergency
Volcanic ash improved soil Land slide, water buildings and people food
Tourism ­ 100 million tourists fertility pipe Diseases spread (little Economic damage ­
(ski resorts etc) clean water) fishermen lost livelihood
Environmental damage ­
Mining ­ Salt, Iron ore, Gold, coral reefs etc.
Silver and copper
Forestry ­ Scots Pine planted ­
resilient to munching goats

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Adaptations Immediate Responses Immediate Responses Immediate Responses Short term response
Steep Relief ­ tress and People evacuated Camps set up Help did not reach Hundreds of millions of
defences to protect against Shelters built Money provided by areas for days or pounds been pledged by
avalanches UK provided £17m of government weeks foreign government,
emergency aid Ambulances, fire Tents, blankets, charities etc.…read more


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