GCSE Geography key words

A pdf of key words for GCSE Geography (Avery Hill).

This is not the greatest quality. It's scans of printed sheets so the key words are typed and I've filled in definitions by hand. There's a couple I haven't defined. The first sheet scanned a bit wonky and in converting to PDF, it's chopped off the edge (you can still tell what it means though - wonder what 'obal warming' is?). A couple of other pages have edges chopped as well. The last page is messed up as it was a scan smaller than A4 size.

If you need help with telling what the words are or you want the original jpeg files (which *aren't* messed up, I'm just too lazy to spend longer converting it so it's right) to use for yourself or to do a better job with, just let me know. If it's a long time since this was uploaded I might not have them any more, though.

I hope someone can get some use out of my lazy job on this.

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