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Globalisation is the process of all the world's economies becoming integrated.

It happened because of national trade, investment and improvements in
Countries have become interdependent as a result of globalisation

Improvements in communications

ICT Transport

Email, internet, mobile phones, phone More airports, high speed trains, larger
lines that…

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Creates jobs Employees in poorer countries may be paid
Employees in poorer countries get a more lower than employees in richer countries
reliable income Employees in poorer countries may have to
Send money to improve local infrastructure work longer hours in poor conditions
New technology and skills are bought to…

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Energy Demand

The global demand for energy is increasing

Increased wealth in poorer countries
Technological advances
Increase in world population

Impacts of energy production

Social Environmental Economic

More power plants have to Burning fossil fuels Countries with lots of
be built (people may have releases CO2 resources will become…

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Farmers switching Transporting food Using chemicals helps Lots of water is
from subsistence produced CO2. produce a lot of food. needed to produce
farming to Higher food miles However, they can be food
commercial farming. more C02 produced expensive (borrowing Hostilities between
They can make more Amount of CO2 money)…


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a plate is when 2 boundaries to each other like clashes 

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