GCSE Geography - Changing Urban Environments Revision Pack

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notes taken from CGP GCSE Geography AQA A Specification

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Changing urban environments
Urbanisation is the growth in the proportion of a country's population living in urban
More than 50% of the worlds population live in urban areas
It is happening faster in poorer countries
More than 80% of the UK's population live in urban areas
Urbanisation is caused by ruralurban migration, good healthcare, and a high birth
rate in cities.
Ruralurban migration is the movement of people from the countryside to the cities.
Reasons why people in poorer countries move from rural areas to cities:
Shortage of services e.g. education in rural areas
People believe standard of living is better in urban areas (often not the case)
More jobs in urban areas
Industry is attracted to cities due to larger workforce and better infrastructure
Reasons why people in richer countries move from rural areas to cities:
More urbanisation occurred in the industrial and agricultural revolutions
More jobs, new factories
Last 20th century people left rundown inner city areas and moved to the countryside
but now people are being encouraged back by the redevelopment of these areas
Parts of a city
CBD The Inner City The Suburbs The Ruralurban
Commercial centre of Around the CBD Housing areas Right at the edge of
the city Poor quality housing Land is cheaper the city
Very high land values Older industrial Middleclass Both rural and urban
Competition for space buildings families live here land uses
Buildings are tall Rundown/deprived Nicer environment Fewer, larger
Very few people live Newer housing and Less houses
here industry where crime/pollution
derelict land has been
cleared and
Land use
Countries like France, Italy and Sweden, their inner city areas are where the wealthier
middleclasses live and the suburbs are the more deprived areas. Sometimes the land use
does not match the model.

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Urban Issues
1. Shortage of good quality housing
2. Rundown CBDs
3. Traffic congestion/pollution from cars
4. Ethnic Segregation
Growing populations need more housing
Urban renewal schemes New Towns Relocation incentives
Encourage investment in Brand New towns built to Encouraging people living in
new housing, services and house overspill populations large council houses to
employment in derelict inner Milton Keynes is a good move out of urban areas.…read more

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Many urban areas have a variety of cultures
Reasons for ethnic segregation:
People prefer to live close to others of the same background and religion and who
speak the same language
People live near to services that are important to their culture e.g. places of worship
People of same ethnic background often are restricted in where they can live e.g.…read more

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Involve government and local People pay small around of Funded by local government
people working together to rent for a site and borrow to improve the temporary
improve life money to buy building accommodation which is
materials aimed to improve life
Environmental Issues
Waste disposal problems (damages health + environment)
More air pollution
More water pollution
Waste disposal is a serious problem in poorer countries because:
Money (cannot afford to dispose of waste safely)
Infrastructure (do not have the infrastructure needed so people cannot remove…read more

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More recycling means Historical buildings and Derelict areas Homes, which Means fewer cars
fewer resources are natural environments that have been generate as much so less pollution.
used. Less waste is are open spaces and used but not energy as they use Use ethanol buses
produced. resources. They should now. Using this e.g. solar panels to to reduce pollution.
Safely disposing toxic be left so it can be stops green produce energy. E.g.…read more


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Four pages of relevant revision materials regardless if the exam board you are studying. A good one to use to create some of your own flash cards or mind maps from.

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