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Tectonic Hazards

Tectonic plates

Inner core ­ Ball of solid iron and nickel
Outer core ­ Liquid
Mantle ­ Around core, semi ­ molten rock which moves slowly
Crust ­ Outer layer of Earth (very thin)

Continental crust:

Thicker than oceanic but less dense

Oceanic crust:

Thinner than continental but…

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Shockwaves spread out from focus
Epicentre ­ shockwaves are stronger and cause more damage
Magnitude of EQ is measured with Richter Scale

Impacts of Earthquakes


Buildings collapsing
People being injured/killing
Road, railways and airport damaged
Electricity cables are damaged
Gas pipes ­ leak
Sewage pipes broken ­ leaks


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Oceanic plate moves down into the mantle ­ melted and destroyed
Magma is formed which rises through vents in crust and it erupts onto surface


Magma rises into the gap created by the plates moving away from each other

Impacts of Volcanoes


Buildings and roads destroyed


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