GCSE - GEOGRAPHY ~(AQA A SPEC.) Unit 1a: Tectonic plates

This is a little help for those who are struggling on understanding tectonis plates or want to revise last minute. I hope this helps. Thank you. This Word documnet contains condensed information.

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CORE ­ ball of solid iron and nickel
MANTLE ­ Semi-molten rock (which moves very slowly)
CRUST ­ Thin (about 20km) Divided into slabs which are called tectonic plates.
Continental Oceanic
Thicker less dense Thinner more dense
Plate margins/ boundaries are where they meet.
DESTRUCTIVE - moving towards each other. Oceanic plate meets a continental plate, the denser
oceanic plate is submerged beneath the continental plate into the mantle and destroyed. Volcanoes
and ocean trenches form this way. Trenches are very deep sections of the ocean floor where oceanic
plate goes down.
E.g. East coast of Japan
CONSTRUCTIVE - moving away from each other. Magma rises from the mantle to fill the gap made by
the departing plates. It cools to create new crust. Fold Mountains are made this way.
E.g. Mid- Atlantic ridge.
CONSERVATIVE ­ Moving sideways. Same direction but different speeds. Crust isn't created nor
E.g. West coast of USA.


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