GCSE French: The Conditional Tense

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The Conditional Tense
Use: When talking about something that may or may not
happen (I would go to the cinema)
The conditional tense is pretty much a combination of the
imperfect (same endings) and le futur simple (same future stem).
So if you know those two tenses, you're good to go. And the
conditional is pretty useful.
The endings are the same for each verb. Yay!
Je ais
Tu ais
Il/Elle/On ait
Nous ions
Vous iez
Ils/Elles aient
-er verbs
To make the future stem of an ­er verb, you don't actually do
anything. The infinitive acts as the future stem because the future
stem always ends in ­r. Yay!
-ir verbs
To make the future stem of an ­ir verb, you don't do anything.
Again. It already ends in an ­r.
-re verbs
All you have to do to make a ­re verb into a future stem is remove
the ­e. See? Now it ends in ­r and everything is okay again.
Irregular verbs

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There's always irregular verbs. And they're exactly the same as in
le futur simple.…read more


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