GCSE French: Asking Questions

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Asking Questions
Asking questions is pretty important, and actually quite easy.
There are quite a few ways to ask a question, and I'll be nice and
go through all of them.
Est-ce que
According to my French tutor, est-ce que doesn't mean anything
at all (and she's nice so I'm willing to believe that). It's just used to
signify the start of a question, which makes it the easiest way to
ask a question.
However, it should only be used for yes or no questions.
Okay, take a statement. Any statement at all...I"ll use...(dramatic
Tes bananes sont jaunes
Which means your bananas are yellow.
All you have to do is put est-ce que in front to make it into a
question. So then you'd have...
Est-ce que tes bananes sont jaunes?
Are your bananas yellow?
See how easy that was? Wow.
Qu'est-ce que
Now, this is exactly the same as est-ce que, but it is only to be
used if the questions starts with "what".
Take a statement, and then just put qu'est-ce que in front. It's
Tu manges pour ton dejeuner
You eat for your lunch

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Qu'est-ce que tu manges pour ton dejeuner?
What do you eat for your lunch?
Swapping the verb round
In English you'd change "I can go" into a question by swapping the
verb and the subject round to get "Can I go?". And it's exactly the
same in French, but you have to add a hyphen (-) between the verb
and the subject.
So, lets use another statement.
Elle est partie
She has gone
Swap elle and est...…read more


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