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An idea of how to analyse the poems in the lit exam under the allocated time (one hour to cover 4 poems). This essay only compares two and i have produced another which i will upload if this proves useful! Leave feedback please, i could do with tips and stuff too.

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Compare and contrast the ways in which conflict/war is presented in which `Catrin'
and `Death of a naturalist'?

`Catrin' and `Death of a naturalist' both present this idea of a conflict; in `Catrin' this
conflict is based on the difficult bond created between mother and child and how this bond…

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are memories and the poets are reflecting on what has happened in the past as opposed to
focusing on the present or predicting the future. Clarke displays frustration for the way in
which her bond is challenged and despite the umbilical cord once holding the two together-
a bond that…


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