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Themes central to the novel.…read more

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Blue = technique used.
Green = quote.
Purple = link within book.
Orange = link to 1930s America. (AO4- 15 marks!)
Magenta = Character.…read more

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Humanity is small and fragile in comparison with the forces which control our lives.
Joy (the dream) is something they would all jump at BUT it just remains a dream.
Crooks shows his vulnerable side when he "self soothes" because of his back. This show that he is a minority and fragile.
Candy shows his fragility because he is so eager for the dream to happen because he is so easily replaced. LINK juxtaposition of candy's dog.
And because he is old.
Lennie is shown as fragile because of the `mistakes' he makes. George knows that Lennie could never live alone.
There is no link between the title and the mice that Lennie pets. But they are used as a motif that echos his vulnerability.…read more

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George and Lennies; to own a small farm with a patch of land where they can own themselves.
"Live off the fatta the lan'" It is a dream to work for themselves.
Crooks; also wants to own himself.
Candy; begins to believe in the same dream George and Lennie have, although he fully believes it
will happen as it is the only hope he has.
Curleys wife; to become a movie star.
Ranch hands; dream about being the cowboy heroes they read about in magazines.
**Curley; champion boxer.…read more

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Loneliness is a theme very central to the play.
All of the characters apart from George and Lennie feel lonely at some point within the play.
Crooks; because he is black and is not allowed to mix with the other ranch hands. And has to live alone.
Candy; because he is too weak to be able to buck barley because of his age. He also believes he will be replaced because of his age, LINK
the replacement of candys dog. This is why he believes in George and lennies dream, because he doesn't want what happened to his dog to
happen to him.
Curleys wife; feels lonely because she is the only female on the farm. The lack of compainionship causes her to search elsewhere which
gets the other ranch hands in trouble with her husband.
LINK TO 1930s AMERICA; this links to 1930s America because the workers had to move around America in the search for jobs they never
made friendships. This is why the other workers and the boss were suspicious of Lennie and George's friendship. "I said what stake you got
in this guy?"
George an Lennie's friendship is the only warmth we see throughout the book. LINK TO 1930s AMERICA; this shows how harsh life was for
them as there was no love or comfort.
This is why crooks was jealous of Lennie and georges relationship so he taunted Lennie; "I said s'pose George went into town tonight and
you never heard of him no more. Crooks pressed forward some kind of private victory" Crooks wanted Lennie to feel the loneliness he feels
because "if I say something, why its just a nigger sayin' it". LINK TO 1930s AMERICA; this shows the harsh reality for black people during the
segregation in America. They were classed as second class citizens this is why crooks has to have his own room by the "dung heap". And he
is not allowed to join in the games with the other ranch hands.…read more

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The ending is an unhappy ending, but there is lots in the book that is
Georges care for Lennie
Lennies adoration of George
The natural dignity of Slim, because he is the voice of reason. His
word goes.…read more

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