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3. As a GCSE Speaking and Listening assignment, you have been asked to give an informative talk to your class about any activity which comes under the heading “Healthy Living”.

Write the words of your talk, in which you describe your chosen activity and explain its benefits to a healthy life-style.                                                              [30 marks] 


Where to begin? Well, Tennis is a game that is played physically as well as mentally. You need stamina, speed and determination, to do well with this sport, without these things be prepared to lose because tennis is a game that is well structured and thought out.

I have been playing Tennis since I was five years old, and have adapted to the sport very well! I have participated in many tournaments and have won many and lost very few! My third tournament at the age of ten, I had reached the semi-finals, it was match-point. As the green ball flew at me with speed I stepped forward and swung with as much power I could muster and SNAP! The ball approaching my racket had pierced a hole through my racket and the strings whipped the air as if to take it’s frustration out for losing an important point. 

Tennis is a methodical game and there are different types of surface areas that you could play on such as; grass; clay and hard courts. Too win a match you have to win by two sets and in each set you play six games which consist of forty points. The umpire is the person who records all the points, the umpire as some people say has the best job they watch the game from a bird eye view, and doesn’t miss a trick.

A positive aspect in playing tennis is that your health will be at its best through out your whole life! Tennis is a great way to keep in shape, because you keep on your toes all the time and you run about for a duration of two hours. However, you must have water frequently to keep hydrated, because you wouldn’t want to be in a middle of a game and lose your concentration and faint, because you were without water! Would you? By the age of twenty when you play tennis frequently you learn more about how to be fit and healthy to become a tennis player. I am now fifteen and have been on a diet for two years. It is a diet that even footballers use. To become a tennis player you would have to follow a regime of nutrition to keep your body healthy and fit. After playing tennis for a while once you get started in playing a game you get endorphins that makes you happy and makes you want to win.

Currently my hero’s are Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams they are both ranking first in the world, and my ambition is to be like them become ranking first and stay unbeaten for as long as possible, as well as play in one of the most famous places in England, WIMBLEDON! The advantages of becoming a world-wide player is that in tournaments you receive prizes, and no it’s not a thirty pound voucher they will give you to go spend in Toys’R’Us or in River Island like your parents would do for your birthday or Christmas, these prizes are really worth becoming a tennis player, depending on where you come in the tournament 3rd, 2nd, or 1st place you receive between half a million pounds to million pounds plus! The disadvantage of a tennis player is that, this profession has a lot of problems. Tennis players last up-until the age of thirty, and after playing for a long time some players can suffer from tennis elbow or torn ligaments, which will lead them to early retirement.

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