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Resistor are very common they Circuit Symbol
are found in most circuit
boards. Resistors are used to
limit the amount of current
flowing in a circuit which could
damage useful Image of a Resistor
components they are also used to
set specific voltage in
some parts of the circuit.…read more

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Resistors are measured in ohm () which is a unit for
resistance. This is very small so resistors are given the
letters (R,K,M).…read more

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Resistor Colour Code
Resistors has four band of colour that shows their
resistance value. In a Resistor the first two bands give
the first two numbers of the resistors value. In the
resistor the third band gives the number of zeros to be
added.…read more

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Resistor Colour Code
Colours 1st Band 2nd Band 3rd Band 4th Band
Black 0 0 x1
Brown 1 1 x10
Red 2 2 x100
Orange 3 3 x1000
Yellow 4 4 x10000
Green 5 5 x100000
Blue 6 6 x1000000
Violet 7 7 x10000000
Grey 8 8
White 9 9
Gold ±5%
Silver ±10%…read more


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