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Human Influences on the Environment
Humans have many influences on the Environment, more than we may suspect. Human
activities has polluted the environment and reduced the amount of land for animals and plants. This
makes it harder for certain types of species to stay alive and many become extinct.


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In figure 1 we are shown the amount of forests there were in 8000BC. As you can see plays
in Europe like the United Kingdom were full of forests all over but then in 2000CE it's completely
different and not one part of the UK is shaded green. Large proportions…

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Inorganic fertilisers are very soluble in water and, when present in excess, are readily
leached from the soil and find their way into the water courses. The enrichment of aquatic enrichment
of aquatic environments by nutrients such as nitrates and phosphate is known as Eutrophication.
Levels of Eutrophication have significantly…

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Gases like carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide can sometimes trap energy from the sun; the
means there is a rise in the temperatures on earth leading to the Greenhouse Effect. But if we did not
have these gases we would suffer; heat would escape out into spaces and the Earth's…

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To conclude, there are many way in which human activity influence the environment. They
way we influence our surroundings is often bad, causing much pollution to the world we live in.
Burning fossil fuels, deforestation and the Greenhouse Effect are a few which are very harmless to
Earth. If Green…




A beautifully detailed set of notes on not only deforestation but acid rain, water pollution and the greenhouse effect. These would be useful for any student studying these topics for their specification. 

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