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The Arab-Israeli conflict.
Palestine: From mandate to Israeli
state.…read more

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Recap: For two minutes, brainstorm the
following points.
· Why was Palestine important to both Jews and
Arabs? Who could claim to have been there first?
· Think about the importance of Jerusalem as a city
for different religions.
· What were the origins and aims of "Zionism"?
· What was the impact of the First World War on
the Arab-Israeli conflict?
· Who governed Palestine after the war and how?…read more

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Britain and the Middle East.
· After WW1 Britain was the dominant power in
the middle east until the 50's
· Even after diplomatic defeat at the hands of
Egypt (1956) Britain maintained extensive
Middle Eastern commitments for the following
decade at least.…read more

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Sharif Hussein, descendant
of prophet Muhammad.
· Arabs in the Ottoman Empire had wanted to break free
from Turkish control.
· At the Forefront of the movement was Hussein (Sharif of
Mecca) Even before WW1, Hussein initiated discussions
with Britain about alliance in the event of hostilities with
Turkey.…read more

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In 1915 Hussein entered into correspondence with the British High
commissioner in Egypt, Sir Henry McMahon to discuss the Arab revolt
against the Turks the next year.
So Henry, that's it
then? Arab
independence after
the war?
Except we've already agreed
to split the Turks' land with
the French.…read more

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I just need to get the
Americans on side, but how?
"His Majesty's Government
view with favour the
establishment in Palestine of a
national home for the Jewish
Why I ought' a !! Balfour you idiot.
People will be fighting over this till
the next century! GRRR!!!…read more

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