GCSE Edexcel anthology relationship collection

As a warning: there are 2 poems which have not been completed. Other than this, I hope these help :)

For those of you who downloaded the previous version, I must have uploaded an earlier copy, this one is the proper one, with only two poems missing, but the boxes are there so feel free to insert your own information once you have downloaded it. 

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highly recommend this resource !!!


Omg!! Thank you soo muchh!! Soooo helpful !! =)

Alanna Freear

How are you using this to revise? I have no idea 


Hi every one can someone pls predict the anthologies that r coming 4 2016 june igcse edexcel pls!!


am i the only one that doesn't have the notes for one flesh in this document? the tables appear blank!


Yeh the same, im missing 'one flesh' and 'pity me not beacuase of the light of day'


but it does say that they are empty in the description

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