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Study and Performance of a Scripted Play

Blue remembered hills is a play written in 1979. Blue remembered Hills was originally written
for T.V and when it became a play it was published by `Samuel French' Ltd. On the back of a
Script of this play it states…

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quite a sensitive character; this can be shown well in Scene One when Peter is describing
Willie's Father;

`Peter ­ Your dad is s a loony, then
Willie ­ (passionately) Him yunt!
Peter ­ They oodn't even have him in the Army! What sort of bloke is that!
Willie ­…

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that he is a simple seven year old. The audience impression of Willie does change throughout
the play as he grows on the reader and becomes much more mature towards the end of the
play. As the prologue of Blue remembered Hills states;

Into my heart an air that kills…




Amazing. Deserves above an A!

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