GCSE Drama Blue Remembered Hills.

This is the study of a scripted play, in which I studied Blue Remembered Hills. This piece of work was given a Grade A.

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Section B
Study and Performance of a Scripted Play
Blue remembered hills is a play written in 1979. Blue remembered Hills was originally written
for T.V and when it became a play it was published by `Samuel French' Ltd. On the back of a
Script of this play it states that Blue remembered hills ` ...Denis Potter's deceptively simple
tale relates the activities of seven West-Country seven-year-olds on a summer afternoon
during the Second World War, in a wood, a field and a barn. The Children (all played by
adult actors) play, fight, fantasize and swagger, their aggressions, fear, hostilities and
rivalries a microcosm of adult interaction. Easy-going Willie tags along as bully Peter bullies
gentle Raymond and is challenged by fair minded John. Plain Audrey is overshadowed by
Angela's prettiness and wreaks her angry frustration on the boys. All of the gang up on the
terrified `Donald Duck' who, is abused by his mother and ridiculed by his peers, plays his
own dangerous game of pyromania which ends in tragedy'
Willie is a silly seven year old who strives to be accepted by his peers, Peter, Raymond and
John. He speaks his mind due to his naivety. He is also always prepared to try new things to
impress the others. His mood differs throughout the lay as Willie is a very emotional child,
due to him being bullied by Peter, also seven. Willie through-out the play is always in Peter's
shadow. He fears Peter, and is always taken in by his exaggerations. Despite his gullibility
Willie is very good at changing the subject without the other character being made aware of
this, by doing this; it shows the reader that Willie is quite a cunning and clever character
regardless of being a victim of bullying. At the beginning of the play Willie is seen running
through the field pretending to be n aeroplane, he extends his arms into wings and begins to
run while his mouth is full of the cooking apple he has scrumped from a local farm. `Willie
staggers and crashes, with all due melodrama, sprawling on his back, finished. His
run-and-dive has ended under the first of a few outriding trees...of the wood' Willie seems
to enjoy his own company as he can entertain himself , as many seven year olds can. Peter,
the bully of the group, then ruins Willie personal fun by jumping down from a tree as if he is
a parachute. A power battle then commences with Peter and Willie as Willie had the cooking
apple and Peter wants it. `Give us a bit of thik apple, Willie' Willie after trying to distract
Peter, from the subject of his apple says `...You can have the core' and Peter getting angry
shows just how controlling he is by telling Willie `And you can have my fist! What do I want
with the flaming core, Willie?'
Willie as a character has a tendency to cower away from confrontation. This example can be
most predominantly shown in Scene Ten, when Peter and John are quarrelling over cheating
on the bet of whether or not Raymond could stand on his head. Willie shies away from this
as he does not say another thing in scene ten the second the conflict starts. Willie is also

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Scene One when Peter is describing
Willie's Father;
`Peter ­ Your dad is s a loony, then
Willie ­ (passionately) Him yunt!
Peter ­ They oodn't even have him in the Army! What sort of bloke is that!
Willie ­ (upset) Shut thee chops!
Peter ­ Your dad ent no blinking good for nothing at all `
All of this is a put down for Willie as there is definitely something wrong with Willie's father,
the reader is made aware of this, however the reader…read more

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The audience impression of Willie does change throughout
the play as he grows on the reader and becomes much more mature towards the end of the
play. As the prologue of Blue remembered Hills states;
Into my heart an air that kills
From yon far country blows:
What are those blue remembered hills?
What spires, what farms are those?
That is the Land of Lost Content,
I see it shining plain,
The happy highways where I went,
And cannot come again.…read more


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