GCSE Chemistry C5- OCR 21st century Science Printable revision cards

These revision cards should cover everything you need to know for the C5 OCR 21st Century Science syllabus. If you want to print them, you'll have to fold each card where the blue line in the middle is and glue it down. You can then use it to test yourself on the questions. I recommend going through the cards once before you revise and put the cards into two piles; Know, and Need to revise. Then go through and learn the cards in the Need to revise pile. I hope these are as useful for you as they were to me. Good luck! :)

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What is relative atomic List the Alkali Metals What is a salt?
Relative atomic mass is the Lithium, A salt is all the compounds
mass of an atom in relation Sodium, of metals and non metals.
to hydrogen e.g. Helium Potassium,
has an atomic mass of 4 Rubidium,
which means it has 4x the Caesium and Francium
mass of hydrogen…read more

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How are alkali metals Why are group 1 metals What is the test for
different from other called alkali metals? hydrogen?
They are less dense than They produce an alkali The squeaky pop test.
water, oxidise in oxygen, (hydroxide) in reaction to
and are soft to cut. water.…read more

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Equation for alkali Equation for alkali Equation for alkali
metals and water metals and oxygen metals and chlorine
reacting. reacting. reacting.
2X + 2H2O ---- 2XOH + 4X + O2 ---- 2X2O is the 2X + Cl2 --- 2XCl is the
H2 is the equation for any equation for any alkali equation for any alkali
alkali metal reacting with metal reacting with oxygen metal reacting with
water chlorine.…read more

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Acid and Alkali ? Acid and Metal ? Acid and Metal Oxide
Salt + Water Salt + Hydrogen Salt + Water…read more

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Acid and Metal Describe the reactivity of Describe he hazards of
Carbonate ? halogens. halogens.
Salt + Water + Carbon Halogens get less reactive Toxic and corrosive
Dioxide as you go down the group.…read more

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Give an example of how the Which properties of How do you test iodine to
lower in the period a halogens suggest that confirm that it is a non
halogen is the higher the they are non metals? metal?
Chlorine (period 3) is more They have low melting and Make a simple circuit and
reactive than Iodine boiling points, they are connect it to an iodine
(period 5) as we can use brittle when solid and they crystal, if the bulb does not
iodine as a disinfectant but are poor conductors of light up then it is a non
chlorine cannot be used on electricity. metal.
our skin.…read more

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I think these cards are C4 instead of C5 but they're great resources thank you!

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