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What is a Business Plan?
By Rhys Bowen-Morris…read more

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What is a Business Plan?…read more

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A Business plan is a written statement of your
business, what you hope to achieve, and how
you go about it, as well as this is will inspire
you for the future. It's basically it is a blueprint
for what you want to achieve and should give
you a clear understanding of how you intend
to get there. Every Business, however small
should have a detailed business plan.…read more

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What is a business plan used for?…read more

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It gives you a clear idea of what you want to
achieve in the long run, it helps to avoid
danger and keep your business going. Without
a business plan your business will struggle as
you won't know what to do next, with it, you
have a clear direction to aim for. By setting out
a plan and some targets, you can also monitor
your progress and get the business back on
track quickly if anything goes wrong.…read more

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What should a business plan include?…read more

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