GCSE Biology - Photosynthesis Revision Worksheet

Activities to revise photosynthesis.

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Biology GCSE Revision Worksheet
Photosynthesis and Energy flows
TASK 1: annotate onto the following diagram using page 151 of your
textbook, highlighting the photosynthesis process. Also make sure you
include the photosynthesis equation.
TASK 2: What are the three limiting factors of photosynthesis? Draw three
graphs to show these and briefly annotate.
TASK 3: Plants use glucose for transport, storage and respiration. Write a
paragraph to explain how plants use glucose for each, including the following
key words in your answer:
Xylem phloem vascular bundle insoluble soluble
TASK 3: Complete the table overleaf to show how nitrates and magnesium
are needed for plants.

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Mineral Ion Why Needed? Deficiency symptoms
TASK 4: Complete exam-style questions on page 160-1 of textbook.
TASK 5: a) Define biomass, pyramid of numbers, pyramid of biomass.
b) Draw two pyramids below to show a food chain ­ one for pyramid of
numbers, and one for pyramid of biomass. Write a paragraph to compare
them and highlight what they show. Which is the better representation?
Pyramid of numbers Pyramid of biomass
TASK 6: Summarise the three ways in which energy can be lost.…read more

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TASK 8: Why are animals prevented from moving much and kept indoors in
intensive farming? Why is this beneficial to farmers? What arguments could
we have against this idea?
TASK 9: Define `decomposers, detritus feeders, compost heap', and then
explain conditions for decay to occur, relating to enzymes in your answer.
TASK 10: Write down the three word equations of photosynthesis,
respiration and combustion. Then complete the table below:
Carbon emitters Carbon sinks
TASK 11: Complete question 1 of exam-questions on page 218 of textbook.…read more


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