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Excretion in Humans
Urinary system

Kidney Structure

2 kidneys

Outer part of kidney is the Capsule, an outer skin hold the kidney together

Underneath this is the cortex which is where the capillary knots and Bowman's capsule can be found. Blood
is filtered here ­ process is called ultrafiltration


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Water levels in the body must be monitored to keep between acceptable levels.

The hypothalamus (in the brain) monitors the concentration of the blood. If it's too weak it will do nothing so
the kidney gets rid of more water making the urine dilute.

If the concentration of the…

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Along the length of each capillary is a knot called a glomerulus.

Capillary entering the glomerulus is wider than the capillary leaving it so the pressure inside the glomerulus is
high. This forces some of the blood plasma of the vessels. Proteins and blood cells are too big to leak…


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