GCSE Astronomy: The Sun

Detailed notes covering the 'Sun' section of the GCSE Astronomy specification.

Refer to: www.gcse-astronomy.co.uk for more information.

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The Sun
Candidates should be able to:

2.8 Describe the dangers of direct observation of the Sun and simple techniques for safe observation.

If you look directly at the Sun with a telescope, you will focus all the light and heat on to your eye, and you will blind

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2.14 Describe the influence of the Sun's magnetic field on the appearance of the corona.

(Refer to image on page 5 in lesson 3- The Sun)
The size and shape of the Sun's corona is affected by its magnetic activity.

At solar maximum (highest magnetic activity), the density and temperature…

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2.18 Describe the solar wind and explain the influence of the solar wind on the Van Allen belts and aurorae.

Solar Wind- Flow of charged particles streaming out from the Sun; it is made up of protons, alpha particles and
electrons. The charged particles originate from the Corona.

On reaching…


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