GCSE AQA Poetry Cluster Relationships -Comparison Nettles and Manhunt

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Nettles + Manhunt
Both poems use metaphors to show pain.
Manhunt ­ `the parachute silk of his punctured lung'
`Parachute', reflection of war, context of poem?
`Parachute', showing the `fall' in health.
`Punctured parachute', like the man, not fit to function properly. Permanently
`Silk' showing how feeble and delicate the man is, or how delicate his wife needs to
`Punctured' has aural qualities, plosives represent pain and suffering.
Nettles ­ `that regiment of spite behind the shed'
`Regiment', metaphor of army, meant to inflict pain, duty, war?
`spite' personifies the nettles, makes them seem purposely hurtful.
`spite' sounds sinister, pain and suffering?
Whilst nettles uses alliteration to show pain
`blisters beaded on his tender skin'
Plosive sounds make it sound sinister, represents pain.
Aural qualities, harsh sounds.
`tender', shows vulnerability of child, shows guilt?
The manhunt uses natural imagery to produce the same effect.
`the frozen river which ran through his face'
`frozen' represents pain, intense cold.
`frozen river', unable to perform function, like the man, broken.
`ran', pain is unstoppable.
`through', more than a surface scar, deep and mental as well as physical.
Both poems use structure.
Manhunt - Couplets
Each couplet is a different injury.
Each couplet acts like a clue, in the `manhunt'.
Like the woman is putting back together like a jigsaw.
Each couplet, the woman becomes closer to husband.
Nettles ­ Enjambment
Shows unrelenting pain and suffering.
Irregular pattern shows that the narrator has won the war, usually the nettles are uniform like an army.
Irregular pace shows cyprical cycle of the nettles being cut and growing back.


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