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B1 Biology Checklist Specification 2011

Specification Point
B1.1.1 Diet and exercise
What makes up a healthy diet
Describe what each of the components are needed for in the body e.g. carbs for energy
Malnourishment is too much (obesity) or too little (e.g. starvation)
Deficiency diseases e.g. anorexia and diabetes type…

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B1 Biology Checklist Specification 2011

Plant growth hormones are used in agriculture and horticulture as weed killers and as rooting

B1.3.1 Drugs
Why and how new drugs are developed to be effective and safe
The use of trials including double blind and use of placebos
Use of statins to…

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B1 Biology Checklist Specification 2011

Variation can be genetic (combination of genes inherited) or environmental or both

B1.7.2 Reproduction
2 forms of reproduction: sexual and asexual
New plants can be produced quickly and cheaply by taking cuttings from older plants. These new
plants are genetically identical to the parent plant…


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