GCSE Additional Science B2

Revision notes for Unit 2 Biology.

Topics covered:

  1. Animal and Plant Cells
  2. Digestion Enzymes
  3. Homeostasis
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Biology Unit 2
Nucleus: controls activities
Cytoplasm: Liquid gel ­ chemical reactions takes place
Cell membrane: Layer of fat - controls passage of substances
Mitochondria: Respiration takes place
Ribosome: Protein synthesis (making of)
All of above and:
Cell wall: cellulose ­ strengthens cell
Chloroplasts: Contains green chlorophyll, absorbs sunlight
Permanent Vacuole: Sap ­ keeping cells rigid
Amylase: Starch ---> Glucose
Protease: Protein ---> Amino Acids
Lipase: Fats ---> Fatty acids + Glycerol
Isomerase: Glucose ---> Fructose
Insulin ---> Glucose ---> Glycogen
Glucagon ---> Glycogen ---> Glucose
Liver ---> Bile (stored in gall bladder) ---> neutralises acid
Thermoregulatory centre:
Blood flow in brain
Temperature receptors in skin
Temperature too high:
Blood vessels dilate ---> More blood flow ---> More heat loss
Sweating ­ cools body as it evaporates
Temperature too low:
Blood vessels constrict ---> Less blood flow ---> Less heat loss
Shivering ­ contraction of muscles ---> Releases heat energy

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