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Chemistry Revision Notes
Module 4
OCR Gateway Science
Zaynab Khan…read more

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Acids and Bases
Acids are a substance with a pH less than 7.
Bases are the hydroxides and oxides of metals.
Alkalis have a pH greater than 7.
Universal indicator allows you to find the pH of a
solution.…read more

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Acids and bases or acids and alkalis are chemical
opposites. When added together in the
correct amounts; they can cancel each other
out. This is called neutralisation as the
remaining solution will have a pH of 7.
Acid + Base Salt + Water…read more

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More on neutralisation..
Alkalis in solution contain hydroxide ions OH-
Acids in solution contain hydrogen ions H+
Neutralisation can be described using the ionic
+ -
H + OH H2O…read more

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Carbonates neutralise acids to form a salt, water
and carbon dioxide gas.
Acid + Carbonate Salt + Water +CO2…read more

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Sulphuric Acid
Sulphuric acid has many uses:
1. To clean/prepare metals before being
painted or coated
2. in the manufacture of fertilisers
3. In car and motorbike batteries…read more

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