GCSE Religious Studies Edexcel Unit 3 and Unit 10 Relevant References List

This is a non-exhaustive, concise list of relevant Biblical references and other quotes from Popes, Councils and Canon Law for Unit 3 and Unit 10 of GCSE Religious Studies (Edexcel).

The Bible translation used is the Douay-Rheims Bible (as revised by Richard Challoner), which is available online at www.drbo.org. Grammar changes and capitalisations have been undertaken without mention; all other changes have been marked by square brackets.

In part D answers, it may be useful to refer to such references, given that a reference to the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church is required to access marks. Learning these specific quotes, however, is not essential, nor probably in the interest of saving time: vague references to “the Bible” ***seem*** to be permissible. For a more detailed answer, however, these references can be used. In addition, familiarisation with these references may be useful for part C answers: many of the references provide reasons and ideas which can be used to make, supplement or develop points.

I hope you may find this useful :)



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