GCE AS Biology Unit 3 – Issue Report.


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Josh Bovill 09/03/09
GCE AS Biology Unit 3 ­ Issue Report.
Biologists are trying to solve the problems of Global Warming. Global warming is one of the
consequences of the `greenhouse effect' and causes global changes to climate patterns such
as an increase in the average temperature of the Earth's surface. It happens when
greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, water vapour, nitrous oxide, methane) trap heat and light
in the Earth's atmosphere, which increases the temperature. This is a big problem for
people, animal and plants because many cannot take the change so they die. The diagram
(1) below shows how global warming `works' the source of the diagram is
www.globalgreenhousewarming.com and is reliable because Biologists research it. The
validity of this source is high because it the information used is about the issue researched
furthermore knowledgeable scientists who know what they're talking about drew it.
The biologists collect information by measuring the daytoday changes in `greenhouse gas'
concentration, climate, air and water purity and also the melting of the polar ice caps. This
data is collected in the field by physically measuring these properties of the physical world in
ways such as taking air and water samples and recording the weather. For example the
graph (2) below shows the change in Global temperature over the last 120 years the source
of this graph is wikipedia and is reliable.

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Josh Bovill 09/03/09
There has been a significant increase in industrial emissions from 19502001. This is shown
in the graph (5) below the source of this graph is Worldwatch institute and is reliable
because Biologists collect the data.
The methods used by the biologists are there to reduce the world's emission which is an
appropriate solution to save our environment effectively from the disastrous consequences of
global warming.…read more

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Josh Bovill 09/03/09
costs of being environmentally friendly and this is a problem because if we are to save our
planet we need everyone to cooperate.
A solution to the issue would be to live simpler lives, like our ancestors. If we stopped using
what we see as `normal daytoday' things like central heating, fuel powered transport and
television. We could replace them with handmade natural fibre clothes to keep us warm and
we could travel by walking and cycling.…read more

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Josh Bovill 09/03/09…read more


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