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G8 nations…read more

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Who is in the G8?
Canada Japan
France Russia
Germany United Kingdom
Italy United States Of America…read more

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What does the G8 do
The G8 is a collection of the worlds 8 most powerful economies, set up by France in 1975
The G8 is a collection of the worlds 8 richest economies, which make up 60% of the
worlds GDP
The G8 has no permanent structure and the presidency and the location of summits
rotates annually meaning that none of the countries has more power over another.
The G8 meets annually to discuss issues on the planet and how they can address these
issues and what they can possibly do about them.…read more

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The latest G8 summit
The 37th G8 summits was held in may of 2011 in France, with the current president
being French president Nicholas Sarkozy.
Schedule and Agenda
The agenda for the summit included some issues which remained unresolved from previous
summits. French general priorities included:
-New common challenges: the Internet, innovation, green growth and a sustainable economy,
and nuclear safety
-The 'Arab Springs': a partnership for democracy
-Strengthening the partnership with Africa: a long-term vision
Peace and security: traditional themes of the G8
Some of the specific topics on the agenda were:
-G8 + Broader Middle East and North Africa (BMENA);
-The Internet: new challenges
-Non-proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction
-The G8's Partnership with Africa
-Transatlantic Cocaine Trafficking
-G8 political and security issues…read more

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The main criticism people have of the G8 is that it is no longer representative of the worlds
largest economies, as china has surpassed everyone except the USA and India and Brazil
have now surpassed Canada, Italy and the UK.
The G8 are also criticised due to where they stand on the world stage, these nations
themselves have very little power as a group to do anything other than advise and give aid
to other nations as they are subservient to the UN.
The G8 are also criticised for not focussing
on long term on going world events such
as world poverty and the aids crisis.…read more


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