G543 Revision Worksheet.

Not a revision resource!!!!

This doesn't have any information on it to "learn" the studies: this is for after you have learned the studies and you need to check your understanding of them. 

The aim is that with just the name filled in, you can fill in the subtopic (eg: Farrington, Upbringing- Disrupted families) and then you'd be able to fill in the results and some of the aspects of the method. This will help outline where you need the most help.

The sheets cover the following topics:

  • Turning to crime - Forensics.
  • Making a case - Forensics.
  • Reaching a verdict - Forensics.
  • Theories of Health Belief - Health and Clinical.
  • Stress - Health and Clinical.
  • Dysfunctional Behaviour - Health and Clinical.

Obviously, not everyone sitting G543 does these topics, however; feel free to download and change the studies in the first column to suit yourself. However do not re-upload it as your own. 

Good luck and as always message if you need anything.

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