G4 Sustainability- ENERGY list of sources and social, economic, political, environmental challenges for 3.1

What are the problems with the production of energy?

A few different energy sources assessed with case study information, facts and figures 

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Energy type Classificat % of Key concerns/issues Energy costs Climate change Case study
ion global (political/ (economic) impact
energy technological/social) (environmental)
Crude oil, Non-renew 85% -Peak oil supply -Oil prices were -Releases CO2 when UK:
Coal and able concerns (2007, the high in 2008 burnt, amount of CO2 -households use 88 million
gas (Fossil German Energy watch reaching $140 a released when burnt tonnes of oil equivalent
fuels) group said peak oil barrel but fall in was 58% higher in -National Grid was built
supply was reached in demand led to 2012 than 1990 1950s-60s to transport
Oil is a 2006) price drop to $40 -burning of coal causes electricity from coal fired
naturally -Geopolitical tensions a barrel a few acid rain (contains plants e.g. Cottom power
occurring (Russia and Ukraine years later sulphur and nitrogen station, North
mineral oil tension, Russia exports -coal costs more oxide) Nottinghamshire
containing ½ of its oil, could halt to transport, oil -Carbon Capture INDIA
hydrocarbo Russia's oil exports) and gas can be Storage (CCS) capturing -3rd largest supplies of coal
ns -enough coal for another transported CO2 when coal is burnt in the world, by 2031 it
200 years using and burying it might have to import 80% of
Coal is a -In China, 3,500 coal supertankers underground, it is its oil (not secure energy
combustible miners are killed each and pipeline expensive and we don't supply)
sedimentary year in accidents know whether it will
rock formed stay underground
of solidified
plant matter
Hydrologica Recyclable 4% -In India, 21-56 million -Smaller plants -larger dams can INDIA
l energy and people have been not economically submerge over 500 -Government planned to
(HEP) renewable displaced by large viable hectares of forest build 30 large, 135 medium
dams and 50% of these -Larger systems -weight of water in and 3000 small dams
Energy have been rehomed costly to build dams can trigger USA
harnessed -In India, 80% of earthquakes (17 in -Hoover Dam generates
from the the planned India) electricity from the Colorado
movement dams were not -Heavy silting can cause river. Cost $165 million,
of water cost effective flooding generates on average 4.2
(potential -Initial budget billion kilowatt hours a year
energy) for dams 6,400
then used to crores and so far
power spent 14,000
turbines and crores
Nuclear Non-renew 6% -Health risks associated - take 10 years to -see nuclear power FRANCE
able with nuclear power, get planning disasters, could harm -77% total power production
The division those living near plants permission marine ecosystems and is from 57 nuclear plants
of a heavy sometimes have to take -could cause health of surrounding
uranium daily tablets power shortages humans and wildlife
nucleus into -Nuclear disaster because they -nuclear power
two parts possible e.g. tsunami take about 20 produces very low
releasing influenced one in Japan years to be built carbon emissions
energy in 2011 magnitude 9 -1/2 of 439
which is earthquake struck nuclear reactors
converted Honshu in Japan operating
to heat to damaging Fukushima globally in 2008
power nuclear plant with 10 were 20-30 years
turbines to metre high waves old and ready to
generate which caused 4 be
electricity explosions, radioactive decommissioned
iodine nearly 2000 over
legal limit
Wind energy Renewable 0.5% -only certain locations -Expensive to set -Often said to harm INDIA
have enough wind to be up and maintain ecosystems e.g London -Muppundal wind farm
viable, wind is variable Array windfarms -will give 600,000 villages
so hard to manage produce access to electricity by 2020
consistent power electromagnetic fields -largest wind turbine can
supply which could harm 10 power 190,000 lightbulbs
types of sharks and rays -3 ½ thousand wind
and 100 types of bony turbines generate 16,000

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MW power for 100 million
herring homes
-NIMBYISM in the UK, -costs $1.5 million per
80% of people support turbine
wind farms but don't -produces 1.6% of India's
want them locally power-
-Onshore offshore
Biofuels Recyclable 4% -Limited potential for -can generate -Reduced CO2 and GHG Palm oil can be used to male
large scale energy about 10x emissions so by 2020 biodiesel.…read more


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