G4 Sustainability- ENERGY list of sources and social, economic, political, environmental challenges for 3.1

What are the problems with the production of energy?

A few different energy sources assessed with case study information, facts and figures 

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Energy type Classificat % of Key concerns/issues Energy costs Climate change Case study
ion global (political/ (economic) impact
energy technological/social) (environmental)
Crude oil, Non-renew 85% -Peak oil supply -Oil prices were -Releases CO2 when UK:
Coal and able concerns (2007, the high in 2008 burnt, amount of CO2…

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fish, sea bass and MW power for 100 million
herring homes
-NIMBYISM in the UK, -costs $1.5 million per
80% of people support turbine
wind farms but don't -produces 1.6% of India's
want them locally power-
-Onshore offshore
Biofuels Recyclable 4% -Limited potential for -can generate -Reduced CO2 and…


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