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G484 written sections/

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G484 written sections/definitions

Newton's laws and momentum

Newton's first law: An object will remain at rest or keep travelling at a constant velocity
unless acted on by an external force

Newton's second law: The net force of an object is equal to the rate of change of its


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Geostationary orbit: The orbit of an artificial satellite which has a period equal to one day so
that it stays in the same point above the Earth's equator (from Earth the satellite appears to
be stationary). They are used for telecommunications (TV and telephone signals)

Simple harmonic motion

Examples of…

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Uses of resonance:
Nuclei of atoms resonate when they are in suitable magnetic fields and a radiofrequency pulse is
applied that matches the natural frequency of the atoms, this can be used for medical imaging

Microwave cooking- the microwaves cook the food as their frequency matches the natural
frequency of…

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Pressure: the total force exerted over the area of a wall/surface- when applied to a gas a
force is provided by the change in momentum when particles collide with the walls of the

Assumptions of the kinetic theory of gases:
- Gas consists of a large number of particles…

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while checking the voltage and current at regular intervals. Once this has been done the energy
supplied can be calculated using

Once this is known the specific heat capacity equation can be rearranged to make C the subject

Boyle's law: The pressure of an ideal gas is inversely proportion al…


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